Yoshi’s Way

Come, said Yoshi to the little ones, beckoning them over to the place where the windows creaked open, wherefrom you could hear the songs of all the birds chirping outside, the whirrs of things passing by, and on rare occasion, the sounds of the others on their ventures, those from other places and other times... Continue Reading →

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A Lattice’s Inversion

In mathematics, a join-semilattice (or upper semilattice) is a partially ordered set that has a join (a least upper bound) for any nonemptyfinite subset. Dually, a meet-semilattice (or lower semilattice) is a partially ordered set which has a meet (or greatest lower bound) for any nonempty finite subset. Every join-semilattice is a meet-semilattice in the... Continue Reading →

A Human Curiosity

The paradox of human life is how it yields both chaos and form, both reason and irregularity, both determinism and relativism. Thus is it humanity's ultimate nature to be neither one nor many. How, exactly? Well... let us count the ways 😉

Campbell’s Heroes

Like any formal system that is both roughly complex and roughly complete, the human monomyth of heroic legend is a vast web of inter-related sub-domains, each of them chock full with the potential for internal contradictions. Necessarily so. And yet, we still find it so very useful. And we always have. Funny, that.

A System’s Debris

A joined decimal system is pure junk, unless all you've got is ten digits and a stylus. A joined sexagesimal system is pure junk, unless all you've got is ten digits and a circle. But there are more than a few things you can do with the right piece of junk, and a little time.... Continue Reading →

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