The Sky’s Navel

A lazy child draws spirals in their notebook. Their teacher scowls. A natural outcome when dense materials stretch a focus beyond its limit. And our limits are quite narrow, in the wider scheme of things. After all, we project our attention as best we know how, but it can only span the surface of our... Continue Reading →

The Old Man’s Nisba

Unable to see his own identity in the changing tides, unable to understand how he himself is seen by those in the waters around him, the tired old sage spoke - and from his lips emerged another nisba. Yet another. How many times must we go over this? How has he still refused to learn?... Continue Reading →

The Human’s Magic

We have mesmerized ourselves into believing there is nothing magical about magic. It is only the latest "tech," we say, as we nod our heads approvingly, somehow already bored by the otherwise incredible. Our tech consists of nothing but microscopically encrypted digital books of lists and tables and trees filled with flowing texts and arcane... Continue Reading →

The Rainforest’s Smile

Without a smile, we will always be alone in this rainforest. Without our signs, we will never find each other among the trees, among the snaking vines. We would be trapped, locked forever in the empty space between us. We could never reach beyond ourselves. This is how I know my allies. Their smile, their... Continue Reading →

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