Breitbart Thinks It Is Front Page News When Someone Mentions Breitbart

Desperate for attention and any opportunity to portray themselves as a mainstream news outlet, rival blog Breitbart jumped all over an off-hand comment on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources,” courtesy of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

It is not unusual for me to call the Breitbart reporter who attends the White House briefing. And the gentlemen who typically represents them here on a daily basis is somebody who is respectful of that process and ask tough questions and gets answers from the White House press secretary.

Note that all Earnest is saying here is that the press pool reporter for Breitbart displays the basic competence necessary to do their job. Bravo. But that doesn’t stop Breitbart from running away with it, deciding that this is substantial enough to prop up the #1 headline on their home page: “White House Applauds Breitbart On CNN.”

Top notch reporting.

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