Pass or Fail, We’ll Be Back Soon Enough

This site was created as a random place for me to put all my abstract nonsense. Then it became a blog about centering consensus as an approach to our current political moment. Now it has returned to its original self, what it was always meant to be.

If for some inexplicable reason, you’re curious about the political interlude… well, I’ve left it all out there for you. But I recommend neglect.

I have no idea what will come out of the impending vote-a-rama on healthcare. But I do know that whether we get a bill or not, nothing the Senate accomplishes today will do anything to address the fundamental problem with our healthcare system: rising costs.

If the cost of coverage is too high for society as a whole, then it doesn’t matter who’s paying for it. And all the proposals I’ve seen simply shuffle around the money without addressing the reasons we need so much of that money in the first place.

No matter what happens, it’s only a matter of time before we’re forced to revisit the issue.

Update (8/29/17): I’m just going to leave this here.

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