A Full Throated Case for Centrism

I assume there isn’t much interest out there in this hobby of mine, so it’s always a little surprising to encounter someone who seems to be on exactly the same page as me. That’s what I found in Berny Belvedere’s recent work in Arc Digital, It’s Time to Give Centrism A Try.

Right from the headline, I like the experimental framing he has baked in here (“try”). The full article is well-deserving of a slow read, and it comes eerily close to describing my own approach. There are differences of course, but none worth going into detail over, if I’m being honest.

We don’t need that much philosophy, you know? Just enough to get the job done. I am a pragmatist, after all.

In any case, there is one question I’ve been thinking about that I still struggle with.

I agree with Belvedere’s conclusion that all of America’s political traditions “want what is good at the deepest possible level—the well-being of human beings, a flourishing society, etc.

But I can’t deny that this overlooks the fact that every political camp has its fair share of bad actors.

How do we contend with that? How do we differentiate between the various good and bad intentions within any given coalition? How can we help empower the good actors while marginalizing the malicious ones?

An actually compelling answer to this question would be immensely valuable. But at the end of the day… well, I guess it’s a work in progress.

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