Small Solutions

This site was created as a random place for me to put all my abstract nonsense. Then it became a blog about centering consensus as an approach to our current political moment. Now it has returned to its original self, what it was always meant to be.

If for some inexplicable reason, you’re curious about the political interlude… well, I’ve left it all out there for you. But I recommend neglect.

It’s long past time to stop bickering over ideological deadlocks and partisan grievances. Instead, we need to focus on the real, material changes we can make right now to improve our country. But if we agree to put the big problems on the side for the moment, what’s left? Well… only everything.

Playing small ball would still keep us plenty busy. Here are some examples of fixes, patches, and duct tape solutions that will each have some measurable positive impact – without incurring too much partisan backlash, I hope.

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