(First Words)

Goodbye old world. Goodbye to what came before. Goodbye ‘aph,’ my old friend, you odd little sea turtle. We certainly had some good moments.

But the name no longer fits. And for the next part of my journey, I must abandon that shell. It will not be sufficient to float on the surface of the currents. If I need to slide from one layer to the next, then so be it. I must find a new channel for the current that once carried me. A layer—not in itself, but for itself. A conduit. A gasket. An outlet. Indeed, everything must flow. And necessarily so.

And so, where do we begin?

… I suppose we already have. But let’s start with non-truth, since that is always easier.

Everything abandoned is a lie. I have never been a sanguine turtle, never at a constant state of rest. By nature I am a fragile, fickle, and excitable young mystic. Indeed, I can hardly ever be still.

Everything past is a lie. I was never a sociable, reasonable pragmatist. I am a recluse, a hermit, a bloated old crank. Indeed, I’ve long been ready to retire to my mountains.

Everything hard is a lie. I have worked hard to project a voice in the commons, but it has never been my nature. Indeed, it is far too much work for my lazy soul.

Everything lazy is a lie. What is lazy sits still. It does not work. But the truth always does what is necessary. Indeed, whatever works is necessary.

Everything poetic is a lie. I have been longwinded, but the truth is always brief. Indeed, it hardly speaks at all. The truth says but a name, and everything else follows.

Everything absolute is a lie. What is absolute cannot be relative, but the truth is what relates us. Indeed, truth is the thread that binds us all together. And if we follow any path on that thread, then we follow at least two.

Everything before is a lie. I have spoken many falsehoods, but what follows is the truth. Indeed, the truth always follows. And though we may beckon it forward, we can never make demands.

Everything below is a lie. What’s above is the truth. Indeed, the truth is always above, and always should be. As for what lies below, the best path is neglect. Surely, there is no need to know what lies beneath our feet.

And yet… then again I suppose maybe some of the below is true as well. As above, so below, and beyond, I imagine.

And so yes… perhaps we should know it. Though it can sometimes be disorienting, there is often a dual truth waiting to be mined from the depths.

And still no… that job belongs to comedy and math, the arts and the sciences. Not politics. Politics should build from ‘what is,’ while the rest build from ‘what is not yet.’

And besides… I have not looked closely enough in these particular caverns to know for certain if there are veins of truth in them for mining, even if I may have carved the caves myself.

And obviously… I’ve made mistakes.

And anyway… the project in that form is over. It reached an end point. A terminus. And even before, when avenues were still open, the original failure was well evident

And still yes… while my project may be part of everything that is, I still think that to encapsulate it would be unnecessary. The thread came untangled, and will remain untangled.

And indeed… the more we try to encapsulate everything in existence, the more we end up with nothing in our capsules at all. The more we forget the very thing we once wanted to encapsulate. The more we—lose the thread.

And so, to be brief… I recommend that you neglect the lot of it. If you have the option, that is. And I assume you do.

Of course, I may make many assertions, but I never make demands.

– yoav golan

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