Jacob’s Thread

// you have found the head of the path
// you have found the main stem
// you are welcome here
// you never left
// but mind the gaps

… and
we’re rushing headlong, we’ve got a new goal
we’re rushing headlong, we’re out of control
we’re rushing headlong, and there ain’t no stopping
and there’s nothing we can do about it

// uhh… wait so that actually sounds kinda bad

Welcome to High Eclecticism;
It == Does not matter what you do;
Just(as long you got the rhythm) {
Then: hey this party’s just for you; }

// not really, never is
// also, quit it with the isms
// besides we already have the word ‘baroque’

Keep => your hands.Inside the Cabin;
Got strict .Instructions telling you;
Just which(structures you will happen) {
To: wind your pathway through; }

// … for no possible reason

/**Freight vessels bumping
Beat vessels thumping
Blood vessels pumping
On veils we can’t see
Through paths we can’t see**/

// why can’t we see?
// ugh this is going nowhere can I just take over for a second?

welcome (my)fellow.highEclectics;
it = always matters what we do;
but only if(we got the “dialectics”) {
then, hey! this party’s for at least two. }

// now you’re speaking my language
// specially the ‘high’ part
// ‘dialectics’ though… yeesh
// that’s a word, I guess…

so let => your hands.outside the cabin;
forget .instructions pushing you;
into these(structures that should never happen) {
now, hey! our arcs flow through by through. }

// Nice, but how about
// Just(as long we all got each other){
// the: howls of chaos never howl for you }
// … also we might still need *some* of those instructions

/**The network is slipping up
The system is tripping up
The actors are ripping up
Everything they can’t see **/

// damn… 
// just when we had a good thing going
// what now?


~ In a land with too many eyes, become a friend to the blind ~

// ah, they’re the only ones who can see
// and besides, there ain’t no such thing as kings
// huh… huh? wait, who said that

If there’s a light behind it all,
Could you prove it?

Can you prove it?

If there’s a thread that binds us all,
Then that one matters.
Don’t cut that thread.

// that’s the one we need to follow
// and if you follow one
// then you follow at least two

// in other words… we have a long path ahead
// let’s get started ::= { H } ::= { h } => { h}

direct influences: donald g, freddy m, ma copine, all the others

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