The Mystic’s Capsule

What is it that the mystic is always trying to encapsulate?

Hopefully not too much, because that’s when things really run off the rails.

What you encapsulate should always be the substance of the thing you care about, or the internals of the process you care about.

What’s that internal substance, you ask?

Simple: It’s what matters.

But of course, in practice things are never simple.

So be mindful, or you’ll end up trying to encapsulate Substance Itself.

Don’t be fooled.

There is no infinite circle of encapsulation.

In practice, all circles must have a start and an end.

Thus, there is no encapsulator that can contain all of Substance Itself in its capsules.

And even if there were, then what substance would you use to make the capsules?

No, instead we must start with something small, something familiar, something the mystics like – and then we go from there.

Coffee. Making coffee.

Now there’s something they can’t live without.

Yes. Let’s start with coffee.

— yoav golan

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