Jorge’s Library

The library of all libraries cannot be collected.

The method of all methods cannot be implemented.

The type of all types cannot be typed.

The shape of all shapes cannot be shaped.

The domain of all domains cannot be domesticated.

The theory of all theories cannot be theorized.

The flow of all flows cannot be flowed through.

The symbol of all symbols cannot be symbolized.

There is no book of all books.

There is no mechanism of all mechanisms.

There is no category of all categories.

There is no container of all containers.

There is no set of all sets.

There is no metaphor of all metaphors.

There is no map of all maps.

There is no gasket of all gaskets.

There is no meaningful system of all semantics.

We cannot build a Library of Babel.

At least, not one that is both complete and consistent.

But we can build ones that are incomplete, yet consistent.

We can build Libraries of Hanoi.

We have that choice.

We must only allow for the world’s utter reality and uncertainty.

We must only allow for each other’s utter complexity and richness.

We must only start each book on page 411.

Or 42, if you’re… rounding up 😉

— yoav golan

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