A Gasket’s Design

What is the ultimate shape of the flow you need? In theory, simple: Whatever it needs to be.

Of course, in practice things are never simple.

A gasket does its job best when it fills the space between one source and another, but the shape of that space can vary to an absurd degree from one type of container to the next.

If what you need is coffee, for example, the shape of your interface can quickly become… convoluted.

Sure, a single machine or appliance can take a capsule and turn it into a freshly brewed drink on demand, but the path of caffeine from “cap to cup” is anything but simple.

And of course, don’t you dare ask where that little capsule came from. For there could be flows behind your flows.

So the first question we’ll need to ask is, What kind of coffee are we trying to make?

I hope it’s the “coffee” kind.

I love coffee.

— yoav golan

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