A Stoic’s Qabbalah

For such good friends, the Buddhist and the Sufi make an odd pairing.

The Buddhist meditates peacefully despite the booming laughter of the Sufi, while the Sufi cannot help but chortle at the deepest thoughts of the Buddhist:

“im not a mind!  im not a mind!!”, i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a kernel of empty mindfulness

Such differing approaches. Some put nothingness at their center – others, everythingness.

And yet so often they come to the same conclusions. The same resolutions.

Should we cut clean lines? Or do we strike random patterns?

In the grand chaos game it does not matter – you will always come to the same result, eventually, in time.

But while Buddhists may frequently lose their minds, a good Sufi never forgets theirs.

Well, maybe sometimes…

To a Buddhist, the Sufi appears as a lustful idiot, mired in impurity and chance, sullied and distorted by their earthliness and their whims.

To a Sufi, the Buddhist appears as a tyrannical ascetic, obsessed with an otherworldly emptyness, willing to sacrifice all of being itself in the name of a purity which itself can never be.

We must sometimes be Buddhists, and we must sometimes be Sufis.

But of course, this Balkhinazation has been described before…

Let me only add this,
If you aren’t sure which style to use in a given garden,

Then be a Sufi.

First, plant what is there to be planted.

Only then should you ponder the empty spaces leftover.

But if instead you find yourself in a barren desert, or some other harsh landscape, then should you cultivate the empty spaces, such that the garden may one day grow.

{The Sky’s Navel}

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