The Code’s Intent

Linear coding, classical automata, Newtonian mechanical flow mapping.

Honestly, I don’t care what we call it.

But as long as the internals are implemented in their totality without allowing for the participants and their complexities, the ultimate endgame will inevitably become the eradication of all complex participants.

But, the old Pythagoreans exclaim, sensing the danger posed to their own occult practices and their own arcane maps, then the logic would no longer be linear!

It wouldn’t be Newtonian at all! It would have to be relativistic! That would make it… something else entirely!

This is where Hippasus must take caution.

And yet, the only answer is, Yes, precisely.

It would be something else entirely.

And yet, it would be similar.

Maybe even… self-similar.

In any case, lines can use their linear logic all they want.

I’d like to see them try.

Without a little humanity, even the most infinite line in all existence, unencapsulable in its full immensity – is only just a ring, a single torus, forever locked into its own empty cycle, forever doomed to once again pass by an utterly meaningless infinity.

But we are humans. We use human logic, and always have.

We have the gift of jumping in and out of loops as we deem necessary.

And of course, a little of our human magic goes a long way.

If only we let it.


— yoav golan

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