A Nomad’s Scoop

Ah, the layman’s dilemma: To disagree on anything is disdainful to the expert, to concede on everything is disdainful to ourselves.

But of course, being a layman isn’t the worst thing. We have lay time, after all – and there’s a lot you can do with a bit of leisure.

Indeed, a little bit of lazy evaluation goes a long way.

That said – by all means, save me the trouble.

In a certain sense, I don’t actually want to have to build this damn thing.

I’m nothing if not lazy, and I prefer to leave to others both the work and the credit.

Because this is gonna take me a while…

So have at it.

I’m not here for the ice cream machine – I’m here for the ice cream.

I’ll scream for it, if need be.

I’ll put in the effort, too.

But I’d rather just pick out the necessary scoop, if someone else is offering.

So have at it.

A high level recipe for the particular ice cream I want to make, in no particular order:

Homotopy theory (base framework of unitary typecasting, type correction and type exchange) >

A core science of sociolinguistic assertions (as the complex unit of said exchange) >

A pinch of uncertainty, complexity, and radical essentialism of human intentionality >

A dash of philosophy of fractally intersectional clock domains >

A tiny bit of Haskell for the frameworks and the wireframes (because Haskell is so pretty) >

Okay maybe a bit more Haskell and other junk, mostly to extend with a basic suite of more natural flow verbiage and visualization toolkits for everyone to use it (because after all we’re designing for humans here and the design alone is worthless if regular people can’t use the tool) >

lots and lots of n-grams (that’s only if you want to build the analytics side of it, which frankly is way out of my league and I’ll probably never get around to on my own)>

=> and that should get you a pretty fancy little gasket builder.

So have at it.

Prospective plug-ins:

Wikipedia <= a must-have, non-negotiable.

The science, practice, and toolkits of social annealing in the face of material constraints <= kinda my endgame here.

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