A System’s Myalgia

Whether the flow’s source values are…

Oxygen and serotonin in an autonomic system,

Or business data and decisions in an automated application,

Or positive margins and Ws for an autonomous team,

– it makes no difference.

If a system is unable to coordinate and regulate the flow of sufficient source value to where it is needed, when it is needed, that system will experience pain points throughout its fibrous tissue and connective pathways.

And if the system is unable to correctly identify the source of problems in its own value streams, the system will exhibit hypochondria – a chronic inability to correctly identify, resolve, regulate, mitigate, predict and understand its own systemic problems.

Avoid this if you can.

Because if your outer system has a low tolerance for complexity and uncertainty, you will find yourself in grave danger.

The outer system will do its best to eradicate the source of its own problems and its own hypochondria, and it very well might decide… that means you.

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