Latour’s Forces

“Some forces are evil and used to be associated with magic and the devil. Others are Aristotelian and seek to realize the shape that lies within them. There are Malthusian or Darwinian forces which always want more of the same and would invade the world with their exponential growth if other equally greedy forces did not check them. There are Newtonian forces which always want the same thing and travel along the same trajectory so long as they are left in peace. There are Freudian forces which do not know what they lust for-displacing, substituting, me- tamorphosing, or paralyzing themselves as the need arises. There are Nietzschean forces, stubborn yet plastic, wills of power giving shape to themselves. And all of these forces together seek hegemony by increasing, reducing, or assimilating one another. This is why the jungle with its tangle of forces grows across the island.”

– Bruno Latour, Irreductions

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