A Type’s Writer

Who is that ghost in the machine? Who is that push down automator, always adding assertions to the stack? Who are the engineers of this grand order we can hardly even understand?

With their every motion and every sign they create a whole universe of potential. Every symbol, a monadology of the possible.

And if you look closely, or in the right place, you can sometimes spot them; you can sometimes see that highly curious author, the one who follows the rules unenumerated; the one who both reads and writes, all at once.


Find them.

They can help.

And if they won’t – if for whatever reason they refuse – be mindful.

They may simply not have the time.


You may not be in a safe place.

Take your bearings, because for better and worse, you may soon find yourself under the type’s press.

– yoav golan

“A lot of things you’d want to know, you couldn’t ask.” – The Warmth of Other Suns, by Isabel Wilkerson

The general form of letterpress printing with a platen press, showing the relationship between the forme (the type), the pressure, the ink, and the paper:


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