The Ends of Beginning

System start, system end

To claim them is to play pretend

Where does the system start? Where does it end? And when?

In most systems, that’s pretty much never up to the designers. And for good reason…

Designers rarely see the rhymes in their own lyrics, even when they write them with an elegance that strikes both heart and mind.

Just as the maze of mirrors in a telescope bends light, so do the artists of pure design consist more of form than substance, more of function than essence. So deeply are they consumed by their own fire, unable to see the precious rules that they follow, even as they execute those very rules with unfathomable precision.

It is a solemn, monk-like responsibility. And there is great danger of being consumed by it.

But such are the ways of time, and flowing.
Rhyme, and knowing.
Rhythm, and reason.
Trust, and Truth.

— yoav golan

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