The Shape of Biscuits

From What Are the Values That Drive Decision Making by A.I.?, by Paula Boddington

A five-year-old boy is helping his grandmother cook by cutting out biscuits from the dough she’s made, and he’s doing it rather badly. He instructs the family robot to take over and, even though the robot’s never done this before, it quickly learns what to do, and cuts out the biscuits perfectly. The grandmother is rather disappointed, remembering fondly the lopsided biscuits, complete with grubby fingerprints, that her son had charmingly baked for her at that age. Her grandson continues to use the robot for such tasks, and will grow up with pretty poor manual dexterity.

When the boy’s parents come home, he says: ‘Look, I’ve made these biscuits for you.’ One parent says: ‘Oh how lovely, may I have one?’ The other thinks silently: ‘No you didn’t make these yourself, you little cheat.’


Guess I’ll never learn how to paint 🤷‍♂️

I make my artsy images by hand, but you’ll still have to go elsewhere for your artisinal, hand-crafted images.

Addendum: “Yet hurling abuse at opponents is hardly new. Long before the World Wide Web was even a twinkle in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee, the 17th-century French philosopher René Descartes described the work of rival mathematician Pierre de Fermat as ‘shit’.”

From The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, by Philip K Dick:

“You could shape something. Go ahead—project a fraction of your essence; it’ll take material form on its own. What you supply is the logos. Remember that?”

“I remember,” Leo said.

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