Systems of Typing

Ultimately, no matter your personal categories of human nature, the wider world will never be completely type-safe. For any of us.

So let’s get started.

The Future Will Be Formulated Using Category Theory – Forbes

“If an individual being is seen as a single unit, what defines and determines our behavior and relationships? While the concept of reductionism (which essentially states that the whole is composed of simpler parts yielding discreteness and that the study of the whole can be reduced to the study of its parts) has become an integral part of the human ecosystem, can we continue to rely on the reductionist approach? It is time we understand the cause and effect of individual human behavior, and its impact on the collective human species since the nature of reality in the human ecosystem is inherently and inevitably dual. Since particle-like and wave-like behaviors are inextricably connected, they must be inherent in any design and development of open systems.”

You’re, uh… gonna need a lot of categories for that.

Interesting concept though, even if barely outlined. I like the idea of modelling individual humans and their complex environmental interactions in a similar fashion to quantum systems.

There is a deep analogy baked in there between how waves/particles seem to anticipate and react to the effects of impending interactions and how humans behave in a world where they are constantly being tested and measured as individuals in a highly entangled environment.

I wonder if there is a particular formalism that’s well-suited to describing this kind of state propagation. Call it socio-quantum selection, or something.

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