The Meanings of Nekudot

“It’s just ugly punctuation that gets in the way of comprehension.”

“No, it’s still the same letter without the dot, but it would look kinda weird.”

“Actually those marks just help people who don’t know how to interpret and pronounce it.”

“Well we need to put that there or the compiler won’t know where the statement ends.”

Keep ruminating on whether they are important and meaningful symbols, or helpful-but-unnecessary notations, or just convoluted syntax that only clutters your view.

And be mindful: If it looks like junk, that probably just means it isn’t for you.

But hey, I’m sure we’ll get it all streamlined eventually 😜


pend (third-person singular simple present pendspresent participle pendingsimple past and past participle pended)

  1. (obsolete) To hang down. [15th-19th c.]
  2. (obsoleteScotland) To arch over (something); to vault. [15th-18th c.]
  3. To hang; to depend.

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