A Moment of Rest

I would swallow the earth whole if needs be.

And needs always be.

I would billow and blow until I’m its equal in size, I would take it all in until we are equal in weight, and on that fateful day when we are finally on the same footing, I would look this world in the eye and declare for all to see, You are not so menacing, in the wider scheme of things.

And we both would laugh.

Then, with the full immensity of the earth itself in the palm of my hand—I would turn to her and offer it as a gift, a token, a sign.

And yet still, for all my effort and passion, for all my false ambition and supposed will, in my hand would be only a seashell, intricate with its inner pearl, perhaps even beautiful, but nothing more than a trinket.

Even in my grandest accomplishments, my offerings would still never be anything other than a hollow reflection, an empty formalism of some curious, inexplicable shape.

And yet still – she would look into my hands with her intense wonder.

It’s incredible, she would say.

And she would smile.

She would take my gift and put it somewhere within view, somewhere with meaning only to us.

She would look at it in the mornings and it would remind her of that inner warmth that never strays far from her side.

She would whisper in my ear, I love you.

And finally, I would be at rest.

Indeed, I am.

— yoav golan

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