Brouwer’s Tower

The Libraries of Babel extend in more directions than any mind can conceive. And wherever you find one path through its corridors, you find at least two.

Reason never grasps the world in its entirety and the means it dictates to achieving its limited aim will ultimately and in some inscrutable way only cause damage.

— Meister Eckhart

From Life, Art, and Mysticism, by LEJ Brouwer:

Scientific thinking is nothing but a fixation of the direction of will within the confines of the head, and a scientific truth no more than an infatuation of desire living exclusively in the human head.

Every branch of science will therefore run into ever deeper trouble; when it climbs too high it is almost completely shrouded in even greater isolation, where the remembered results of that science take on an independent existence. The “foundations” of this branch of science are investigated, and that soon becomes a new branch of science. One then begins to search for the foundations of science in general and knocks up some “theory of knowledge.” As they climb higher and higher confusion grows until they are all completely deranged. Some in the end quietly give up; having thought for a long time about the elusive link between the intuiting consciousness (which develops from the perceptional world) and the perceptional world itself (which in turn only exists through and in the forms of the intuiting consciousness)—a confusion which arose from their own sin of constructing a perceptional world—they then plug the hole with the concept of the ego, which was self-created with and at the same time as their perceptional world; and they say, “Yes, of course, something must remain incomprehensible, and that something is the ego that comprehends.”

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