Day of Minting

I, Creator of NFTs. /

Portfolio here

Sergio_CB on Twitter.
Immersed in the world of CNFT’s. I collect, buy, sell, and trade! I also try to shine light on new artist in the cnft scene and help newbies navigate Cardano.

Buffy Bot on Twitter.
a Cardano NFT Update live stream & information center.
*If you have an NFT project let us know. Message us & lets chat.

Cardano Blockchain Developer | Contact if you need help with minting and distribution

I am passionate about Helping, Innovating, Cardano & Blockchain Technology. A3C Crypto Club & A3C Cardano Stake Pool were created to help me with my passions.

Policy numbers:

Eyn Sof: dacb158c3f1388dca4436264f24987b760083bfbed43be5d004e27ff

Orbital I: 0953d41813b13276f0f98971f47c31e5d6558c0adf6f5817888187d6

Orbital II: eea0f9232197aa1fdbaf825e9cf007c2f2f7a560e86ffceb85eeb72c

Orbital III: 69b7995438e4a9780ad229343c9e058d365115cb2bfe0b8e63de1db5

Jonah’s Whale: d0caec3f5e515e8be43c1499679df09792e734071600378c1fd18bee

Soleil: e064eae33bc5f7ff4a74322bf8d36584b6e621612fd19f86bd92e981

Avocado: 6eb45b071517e67a584f70a62cab12362c008d395fe0614c09a9eaa7

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