Ella’s Question

“Am I crazy to ask for help?”

No, you are not. I would love to help you. That’s all I want, just to fill that role. And I try. I really fucking try.

What’s crazy is always talking down to me and even berating me as if I’ve never helped at all. Not even once. Every time it’s like I have never contributed to this relationship and nothing I have ever done has any value.

“Do you understand why I’m acting this way at all?”

Of course! The way you’re feeling is actually very understandable. You’re overworked and overstressed and I don’t seem to ever be able to help alleviate that no matter how hard I try. You’ve explained your motivations to me and they make perfect sense.

What I don’t understand it’s why you’ve repeated those motivations to me 50 times in the last two hours, and how whenever I try to raise that as an issue you go back to square one and loop through it for a 51st time as if all I need to hear is for you to explain one more time how overworked and overstressed you are… and how utterly useless I am.

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