Rad’s Rule

PSA: This is an MMORPG
Yes, we call it a social networking site but this particular platform more than any other is without a doubt an MMORPG.

The platform is gamefied and systematized to structure itself in this way.
Once I thought this my view began to change:

All the usual players are here:
The Guilds and their leaders, serious RPers, Griefers, Trolls, Casuals, FarmingBots, serial Rage Quiters, Cheaters and Exploiters, and even Mods and Devs.
Guilds form raids
Factions fight over attention resources
Wars are waged in Ratios

But it isn’t a very good MMORPG
Like many Free to Play setups you can pay to win
The Mods don’t even bother hiding their Guild membership and play favorites
The Devs don’t really understand why people play their game and make almost random changes

It is sort of an interesting game with an evolving meta but for me, I’m not really a fan.
So I’m going to uninstall.
I had some great times with some people here for sure. I just find this game has very little to do with the real world and want to spend time differently.


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