Jannaeus The Words of the King The Lost Scroll of Ashmonai Apocrypha from a Time that Failed to Be Demand the faith of word and deed only of one who is not joined to the divine ocean like a stream. - Rumi, the Masnavi, Book V I: The King and His Kingdom The king spoke.... Continue Reading →

Coalitions center consensus

Alright, it's gonna get real abstract in here today. Every coalition has a center, and the center's job is always to foster, cultivate, and build consensus. Coalitions also have at least one area of engagement, one domain, usually more, and each domain presents its own challenges to consensus. It is the periphery's job to identify,... Continue Reading →

Three steps to fix our elections

If you just want better candidates to choose from: non-partisan blanket primary. If you just want to be able to choose the best candidate: ranked choice voting. If you just want your choices to actually matter: non-partisan redistricting. For more, listen to this episode of Freakonomics. Actually, you should probably listen to every episode.

The Veil of Misery

Dear civilization, We have a specific type of problem we don’t want to acknowledge - but we desperately need to. It is a problem that we are only starting to glimpse as a society, but one we will inevitably uncover more and more as we continue to identify problems and implement solutions over time. The... Continue Reading →

Can Quantum Computing Solve the Climate?

Probably, actually, yes! This one might seem random - "what does this have to do with centrism?" - but I'm actually trying to make a very specific point: The thing about breakthroughs is you never quite know where you're going to find them. Take the climate. Today's solutions for this problem are typically approaches to... Continue Reading →

Who’s in? Who’s out?

This might be the most important - and most challenging - question that I have yet to fully answer. Who gets a seat at the table? Who deserves to be completely ostracized and stigmatized, as opposed to simply having some unpopular opinions? You can see me struggling with this problem here. And here. And here.... Continue Reading →

A Full Throated Case for Centrism

I assume there isn't much interest out there in this hobby of mine, so it's always a little surprising to encounter someone who seems to be on exactly the same page as me. That's what I found in Berny Belvedere's recent work in Arc Digital, It's Time to Give Centrism A Try. Right from the... Continue Reading →

What To Do About Jordan Peterson?

I'm a centrist, but I've never been shy about the fact that I lean left. So when it comes to "controversial" political figures like Jordan Peterson - or Christina Hoff Sommers, or Dave Rubin, etc. - commenting is a risky game. Academic institutions, the media, and the mainstream in general cannot seem to decide where... Continue Reading →

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