.flvx (Code)

Keep it simple 😉

Coming soon: A user-friendly gui for simplified mapping, visualization, description, and implementation of complicated flow systems.

The idea is to give people a new sort of flow-mapping tool that can be used to handily describe everyday flow problems and quickly design what I call “flow gaskets.”

I hope to eventually set it up with a few suites of out-of-the-box verbiage sets and visualization toolkits (to make it easy for people to pick up and play), and a few other neat tricks built-in (such as mathematically-consistent relational “flow proofing”), and plenty of extensibility (potentially including the ability to add wikis for any flow and maybe even code snippets to make pieces of your flow maps executable at any given point in the design life cycle).

It will make coffee. And espresso.

It will also make ice cream.

And naturally, coffee- and esspresso-flavored ice cream.

But who knows, really… we’ll find out when we get there 😉

I’m generally pretty hit or miss on this stuff.

If the base toolkit works – a big if – the plan is to build a quick solutions.wiki extension and drop it on the door-step of the fine folks over at Solutions U, which seems only fair since I’m going to pull in a lot from their whole conceptual approach to human problems.

I just hope it’s useful.

“Soon” => Give me a few years, yeesh. Slow down with all the questions.

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