Jacob’s Thread (Music)

For most of my life, I’ve guarded my music with the strained fervor of a jealous monk. Only a few of my friends have ever even seen me play.

Perhaps that needs to change.

This should be the only song I’ll ever write words for. It’s not original, but this version has some newish pieces, I think. That said, the same idea’s been written over and over and over again by lots of artists. Okay – pretty much every artist, ever.

And I’m kinda stealing from two of them here, specifically. At least two.

Honestly, I’m just curious to see where this goes. It’s kinda embarassing, but so is the rest of this schlock 😀

Also, while I can’t really sing, not at a performance level… did I mention I play piano? Hehe…

the lyric(s)
the song(s)

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