Jannaeus (Story)

(Other Stories: Yoshi’s Way, An Athlete’s Fable)

תודה אחי


{** keep reading if you want spoilers, stop if you don’t **}

{{** also, hi **}}

Three separate domains of flow exchange. Two are presented, but the parent domain is actually omitted until the conclusion – for stylistic effect of course.

The three domains swirl and then collide into a single “social stack overflow,” which then causes untold misery over time.

This is then threaded into a recasting of the obscure history of a forgotten Judean king. (Mostly from the Josephus version of events.)

Assuming rational, good faith actors, you might think systems with aligned interests should always resolve to good faith outcomes, but in practice that isn’t always the case.

Time’s assertion can always inject the potential paradox of perfectly logical actors resolving to an irrational conclusion.

In this case, exactly such an error occurs to due to the inherent uncertainty of adversarial reasoning.

Because Jannaeus incorrectly assumes that his adversary is necessarily only making a purely adversarial assertion, he neglects the meaningful information being conveyed in the exchange and decides instead to force an unnecessary test, one which can only be settled by the parent domain itself.

Ultimately, both protagonists fail. Only the omitted domain truly survives through the ordeal, and only just barely.

So, yeah…

I guess it’s a-uh… big swing.

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