The Gnostic’s Abstraction

Compared to canonical Christianity and Judaism, in Zostrianus "the gnostics show a lot more interest in abstract philosophy. The hero prepares for his journey by studying philosophy. He sees abstract things, like the aeons, and the gnostic god is actually the unknowable god of platonism.""You can know God, the gnostics claim, by contemplating higher and... Continue Reading →

Sin of Reference

Sophie was splayed out across the couch, blowing smoke rings into the ceiling of her living room. Time was still passing—and that irked her. She took another rip from the joint, held her breath for a moment, ejected three perfect halos of wispy grey vapor, and then wondered out loud, "Am I a bad mother?"... Continue Reading →

A Paradox of Activism and Politics

The art of politics is too get your opponents to capitulate to your key issues while thinking they actually won on theirs. Consensus, in other words. Win, but let them think they're also winning. If you want your opponent to capitulate for nothing in return such that they have to simply accept your compete and... Continue Reading →

Oldest of Songs

It's an old song...You know the words, you know the tune, you know the rhythmAin't nothing to do that hasn't been done beforeAin't nothing to say that hasn't been sung, a million times, over and over Play the chords you found on the floorPlay it like you never heard them before Play the song that... Continue Reading →

Paradox of Celebrity

He is just another in a long line of pitifully wrong people who believe that what they think matters. That it's important for everyone else to hear. The problem is he actually has people telling him that, even though of course the thoughts of those very people don't matter (which he himself would agree with).

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