A Fix For Nondisclosure Agreements

Update 4/15/18: Planet money did a very strong episode on this issue. Worth a listen. Update 2/15/18: As usual, people much smarter than me are working on this issue. "Sunshine-in-litigation" statutes sound similar to what I'm working toward here, but with some actual substance. Of course, there's much work left to be done. Preface: I'm... Continue Reading →

A Trade You Can Work With

What's the point of engaging with your political opponents? Well, for one thing, you never quite know what will come out of it. If you dive into uncharted territory, you just might stumble onto a trade you can work with. That's partly what happened on a recent episode of With Friends Like These, a great... Continue Reading →

Centrism: A Better Kind of Bias

People often criticize me as if I'm pretending to be somehow free of bias. But I'm not. I'm very biased. I'm just biased towards the center. To be clear, I'm not talking about harmful, negative biases about massive groups of people. I'd just call that prejudice. I'm taking about decision-making biases that help us determine... Continue Reading →

Warning! Moral Hazard Ahead

I often note that there is some real moral hazard to centrism. People will argue that by focusing on building coalitions, we might engage with bad ideas or let in some unfortunate characters. And they're right. This is a legitimate risk that we must monitor with care. I don't actually know of anyone who encounters... Continue Reading →

Pass or Fail, We’ll Be Back Soon Enough

I have no idea what will come out of the impending vote-a-rama on healthcare. But I do know that whether we get a bill or not, nothing the Senate accomplishes today will do anything to address the fundamental problem with our healthcare system: rising costs. If the cost of coverage is too high for society... Continue Reading →

Is There Room for Curiosity in Politics?

“Hmm… that’s odd.” This is what I think of as the inquisitive response, a cognitive tool of sorts that has served civilization pretty well over the years. Humans are a curious bunch, broadly speaking, and the exploration of those curiosities has led to eureka moments and massive breakthroughs in all kinds of areas: medicine, engineering, transportation, computing,... Continue Reading →

The Centrist Podcast Diet, 1st Edition

Update: The second edition is out. If you've grown dizzy from the constant spin in your media diet, you probably have a tough time finding any decent alternatives. I've definitely struggled with this myself. Still do. To that end, I've curated a small list of the best podcasts for those of us looking for some... Continue Reading →

$50 Million Later

Why throw away $50 million on the most expensive house seat loss in history? Damn good question. I voiced lukewarm support for John Ossoff, mostly because of his nominal posture as a centrist, however hollow it might have been. At this point I’m ready to accept just about any nod to centrism, even if only... Continue Reading →

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