The Meanings of an Overpassing

Pointing out the origin of the odd word out, of course. Karpas, in this case, from some other root language. But which? No way to say for certain. We're guessing Greek/Cypriot, if you're curious 😅 Answering a newcomer's question with a question, of course. "How do you pronounce Laban?" "Well which pronunciation do you want?"... Continue Reading →

A Distinction of Practice

The essential difference between intrinsic and extrinsic approaches is just whether the typing rules are viewed as defining the language, or as a formalism for verifying properties of a more primitive underlying language. Most of the different semantic interpretations discussed below can be seen through either a Church or Curry perspective. (...) The distinction between... Continue Reading →

A Cook’s Analogy

Categorical thinking may be more useful than category theory per se. Someone with a categorical mindset can help you find symmetries, or inconsistencies, or other kinds of patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. After the patterns are found, the category theory may go away. In fact, it may never have been explicit. For that reason,... Continue Reading →

A Land Of Emerald Cities

Which road will you choose? Which city? Which wizard? Which way? Choose carefully, because each locus of shimmering emerald is a civilization unto itself. And while each shining hill offers its own promise of true communion, they also each offer their own varieties of true peril: coercion, entrapment, alienation, enforcement, refraction, diffraction, and even... potential... Continue Reading →


ankh (wherever threaded knots exist you can infer relational constraints in at least three specific dimensions) (a knot is just a singularity from a set of given constraints) (a bubble on a boundary) (the eye of a needle)

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