Our Current Predicament

I’ve spent almost no time this week discussing the Financial Choice Act, which was just passed by the House and is on its way to the Senate. This bill is an overhaul of Dodd-Frank, which was itself an overhaul of our regulatory system after the 2008 financial crisis. (We seem to love overhauls in this... Continue Reading →

Democrats: Stop Counting on Scandal

First off, let me just say that aside from self defense, I never condone individual acts of violence of any kind, period. Seeing as the “bodyslam” story appears to be holding up, I would argue Gianforte should probably resign. That said, this is a tepid opinion at best. I see this more as an issue... Continue Reading →

Still Waiting…

A few months back, I thought we knew too little too draw any meaningful conclusions from the vague cloud surrounding the Russia-Trump narrative. Well, it would be an understatement to note that a lot has changed since. Yet, while we now know a lot more, we still understand very little. The behavior coming out of the administration... Continue Reading →

The Big Money Behind Partisan Politics

Why is it that political parties are so dominant in government, even while voter dissatisfaction with them is at an all-time high? Since we're used to the status quo, we sometimes forget to ask this question. But in a typical democracy, being unpopular usually leads to political failure. And yet, despite historically poor public standing,... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Cities and the Partisan Boomerang

Update 3/14/18: The battle rages on... Even proponents of the Sanctuary City movement will admit that the real effect of so-called "sanctuary" policies is minimal at best. Policy experts agree that the term is largely a misnomer, a symbolic gesture. That statement might come as a surprise to some, but it’s true. Despite the pitched... Continue Reading →

An Anti-Partisan Response to Filibuster Reform and Justice Gorsuch

Let’s not overreact. The filibuster is not an essential, original, or even unique feature of the Senate. It is not a foundational piece of American democracy. It also has not been destroyed, obliterated, or “nuked.” The practice is still currently in place for new legislation and had already been eliminated for most judicial nominees by the previous Senate. All that the Senate leadership... Continue Reading →

No One Knows If The Travel Ban Is Legal

Judges in Hawaii and Maryland placed injunctions on Trump's travel ban last night, but there are still many openings for appeal. For a good rundown of the possible gaps in the court conclusions, see Josh Blackman's initial reactions. Although I admit to being satisfied with these rulings, I do not pretend to know whether or not... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On The Revised Travel Ban

Despite clarifying some big questions about the original ban, the revisions do not appear to change the nature of the original order in any substantive way. It still has a direct and immediate impact on tens of thousands of people, with no discernable improvement to American safety. This opinion is not controversial; two out of three Americans agree that the... Continue Reading →

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