Precept (Aphorism)


I am lazy. I am aphoristic. This is a place where I allow myself to be those things.

It’s a wall where I throw things to see what sticks.

It’s a place where I put down thoughts about whatever is close of mind.

It’s a curation of momentary musings, all the first pages of books never to be written, stretched out like a stream over time.

A river with soil ready for the sieve.

— yoav golan

If you are here, you are among friends.

So feel free to use any thoughts you see here in any way you deem necessary.

Everything of value in these symbols and signs ultimately belongs to the public domain, so all plagiarism is both encouraged and impossible.

But be warned: The vast majority of these reflections belong only to lovers of unstructured thought.

That you have found this at all is something of a curiosity – but what you are reading is a constant work in progress, a choppy flow. Not necessarily a problem, but worth noting. In any case… mind the gaps.


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