Conjecture (Maths)

Nature abhors certainty.

The harder we try to pin down the essence of things, the more we will see them squirm and squeeze out from under our footholds.

At best, our implementations of absolutism can lead to some very pretty patterns. At worst, well… reductionism can often go off the rails.

“It’s something that may be obvious, but is good to remember, that most of the time if you state a problem in math or theoretical physics, it’s impossible.” — Paul Bourgade

With that said, we may proceed 😂

On the nature of things and relation.

On the nature of agency.

On the nature of change.

On the promise of causal models.

On what it takes to understand math.

On the role of consensus in math.

By the way, if the statement “mathematics is consistent” can never be proven, wouldn’t that technically make mathematics some kind of belief system?

Guess we’ll just have to take things on faith.

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